Virtual Dementia Tour®: Increasing a Caregivers’ Understanding of Memory Loss

When a loved one is diagnosed with memory loss, their loved ones may struggle to understand everything they are and will go through as a result of the disease. While researching their particular form of memory loss can help, it doesn’t necessarily give a complete picture. If you or a loved one are going to be caring for someone with memory loss, being as informed as possible can help you during your journey, so why wouldn’t you strive for better understanding? “At YourLife™ of Tallahassee, we do our best to ensure families understand what their loved one will face after being diagnosed with memory loss,” says Jimmie Fay Griffin, Executive Directorat YourLife™ of Tallahassee, a Memory Care Assisted Living community in Tallahassee, Florida. “From symptoms of the disease and common changes to challenges that will come about and tactics to assist their loved one, we strive to be a resource that families can always go to whenever they need something. We also like to inform families of another way they can get a better look at their loved one’s disease: the Virtual Dementia Tour®.” What is the Virtual Dementia Tour®? The Virtual Dementia Tour®, created by Second Wind Dreams®, aims to help give caregivers better awareness of the trials of dementia in order to improve the lives of those with the disease. This allows them to better identify with, understand and assist with the behaviors of those with dementia. According to Second Wind Dreams, it is an “easy to follow experiential training program” where you can walk in the footsteps of those with dementia. What does the Virtual Dementia Tour®include?

  • Patented sensory tools and instruction. According to the website, the tour uses ground-breaking, evidence-based and scientific methods, based on research conducted by P.K. Beville, MS, a specialist in geriatrics and the founder of Second Wind Dreams®. Trained facilitators will lead caregivers through the experience.
  • A simulation of what life with dementia is like. Participants of the tour will be outfitted with patented devices that alter their senses, according to the website. They will then be asked to try to complete common everyday tasks and exercises that those with dementia might be unable to do or find difficult to accomplish.
  • Opportunities to do the tour in public or at your loved one’s home. If caregivers would like a more personalized experience, they can try the family edition. This tour is done within your loved one’s home to allow you to get a personalized look into the challenges they will face each day. A more personalized look will help caregivers to make the adjustments they need to ensure a safe environment for their loved one with dementia.
  • Resources and strategies to assist your loved one with dementia. Trained facilitators can offer caregivers advice and tips to ensure a more positive caregiving experience. Caregivers will also be given a tip booklet to take home.

Where Can I Take the Tour?

Members of the community can take the tour for free at a number of community events. Find the one nearest you on their website or contact the team at YourLife™ of Tallahassee. If you have any questions about caring for a loved one with memory loss, or to learn more about how to improve their lives, contact our team today. We are proud to be a resource and are always here to serve you. Give us a call today at 850-250-5671.

Inspired ● Engaged ● Fulfilled

If someone you love is living with memory loss, you want the very best for them. You’ll find it at YourLife™ of Tallahassee. Because Memory Care is all that we do, we have the unique ability to focus all our energy, attention and resources into creating an environment that caters to each resident’s needs, preferences and abilities while providing unequaled peace of mind and support for families. We see each resident as an individual because we understand that each resident has their own story. Using this idea, we develop personally inspired care plans that value and support each person’s independence while creating beautiful days. No matter how much care they need, our team of attentive, caring YourLife Personal Care Specialists can provide assistance with all activities of daily living while providing reminders, guidance, support and cues. Even better, residents and their families experience true peace of mind knowing that expert care is on site 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our personal touch doesn’t stop at our care. In fact, it’s only just the beginning. We create days that leave residents feeling Inspired. Engaged. Fulfilled through our signature programming, YourStory. With individual experiences centered around each resident, engaging outings, services and amenities, activities, dining and more, we create opportunities to learn and pursue new endeavors. At YourLife of Tallahassee, everything was designed for you, but it is defined by you, creating a lifestyle that makes every day a joy. Contact us to learn more! Call us at 850-250-5671 for more information or to schedule a personal visit today.