Utilizing Respite Care for a Loved One While Going on Vacation

Summer’s here, and many families are gearing up for traveling plans and vacations. For family caregivers, though, preparing to go on vacation can be an overwhelming task, especially if their loved one is living with Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia. The thought of finding someone who can provide proper care in their absence can be so stressful that many caregiving families choose to forego traveling altogether. Rob Low, Community Relations Director at YourLife™ of Pensacola, a Memory Care community in Pensacola, Florida, says, “Family caregivers often sacrifice their own pleasure for the sake of caring for their loved ones. They skip summer vacations and miss family events that require traveling far distances. They often think it’s easier for them to miss out on these life events than to find someone who can take care of their loved one in their place. A lot of times, they don’t realize that professional respite care offers them a perfect solution.” Respite care that’s offered at a Memory Care community such as YourLife™ of Pensacola reassures families that their loved one is well taken care of if caregivers ever need a break from responsibilities in order to travel, go on vacation or take care of other matters. While caregivers receive a much-deserved break, loved ones receive professional support and personal care along with all the perks of community life.

What Respite Care Has to Offer

At YourLife™ of Pensacola, our respite care guests enjoy the same services and amenities as our full-time residents. In addition to the highest quality of personal care support delivered by professionals trained in dementia care, our short-term residents get to experience all the joys of our community lifestyle, including:

  • Three daily meals, complemented by specialized dining plans to promote independence during mealtimes
  • Private accommodations where guests can rest and receive personal care
  • Social engagement with other residents and friendly caregivers
  • Specialized programming designed to promote purposeful activity and cognitive stimulation
  • 24/7 security, support and access to medical services if needed
  • Beautiful, secure environment in which to wander freely and enjoy the comforts designed especially for those with cognitive impairments
  • And more!

Respite care at a senior living community provides a change of pace and scenery that can be extremely beneficial for those living with memory loss. They have multiple opportunities to engage with different people and explore new settings, offering a refreshing difference in their daily routines. While loved ones receive all of these benefits and more, caregivers can enjoy peace of mind knowing that their loved ones are safe and cared for by specially trained care staff. Families can travel and enjoy a vacation without worrying constantly about their loved one’s safety and well-being. A quick call to check in with the community can ease any concerns they might have.

Yes, It’s Okay to Enjoy Yourself

Family caregivers sacrifice so much to provide optimal care and support for their loved ones. Caregiving is a noble and often rewarding role, but it can also take a physical and emotional toll on families and individuals. Self-care is vital if caregivers hope to remain healthy and balanced throughout their caregiving journey. Taking a break from caregiving responsibilities is a perfectly acceptable form of self-care. Relinquishing your duties for a short period of time can give caregivers time and space to focus on their own health, reconnect with friends and other family members and rejuvenate their energy – all of which help them be even better caregivers. It’s impossible to provide great care for someone else when you’re physically and emotionally drained. Restoring your health and happiness is a vital part of being a great caregiver. Even with this understanding, some caregivers can’t help but feel guilty about leaving their loved one behind or letting go of their duties, even temporarily. These feelings are normal among family caregivers. However, there’s nothing wrong with allowing yourself to feel happy outside of your caregiving role. After all, that’s just a part of who you are. When you’ve made arrangements for your loved one to be well taken care of in your absence, you owe it to yourself and the other loved ones around you to let go of your burdens for a time and simply enjoy the parts of life that exist beyond your role as caregiver. “Families find it helps to know that their loved ones are enjoying a vacation, too,” says Low. “Community life can often feel like a resort with prepared meals and great amenities, scheduled activities and a team of attentive care staff. Loved ones enjoying a respite stay at a Memory Care community get to experience new things and meet new people, rest and relax and stimulate their mind and senses. Respite care allows every member of the family to enjoy a fun experience.”

We’re Here for You

If you would like to learn more about respite care at YourLife™ of Pensacola, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. We’re happy to discuss our respite care offerings and answer your questions. Call us today!

The Memory Care Your Loved One Deserves.

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