Thank you for everything. I have told everyone how YourLife of Wildwood helped us. You and your staff are so efficient and caring, and the ambiance of the facility is so inviting and calming.  

Dave is continuing rehab and they have a speech therapist working with him. I made a book with 8x10 photos and the names of everyone in them that they work with. He is no longer in isolation so that's good. At least he's around people.  

We did a FaceTime and saw him walk with assistance so the hip is healing. He has his moments on FaceTime where he laughs and jokes, but for the most part he is confused. It's heartbreaking for me and I'm pretty sure once we sign off he's forgotten about it. I am looking forward to the day we can go in with him and hug him. I really think that's what he needs. But I am realistic and know this isn't going to improve.

In any case, the staff in Ocala is also efficient and caring so we're very lucky. I can't comment on the ambiance because I was never in the place!  I thank God that we toured YourLife of Wildwood at your open house so I could visualize what Dave was seeing when he was living there.

I'll keep in touch because I know you care...