Thank you for loving our mom. Thank you for taking care of her when we couldn't. Thank you for being there with her, in the good times and the terrible times.
Thank you for remembering that, somewhere in her confused and clouded mind, she knew and she was grateful for the kindness and compassion you showed her, especially when that kindness and compassion was not returned.
Thank you for your patience when she cursed you, hit you, scratched you, spit at you. I hope you know that was not the woman she was and the real her would never treat anyone, especially those she cared about, that way.
Thank you for knowing that my mom, and all of the residents suffering with this awful disease, are people. Smart people, funny people, kind people, loving people. That they are moms, dads.
Thank you for not judging us when we couldn't visit every day, or even every week. Thank you for knowing that mom seeing us was a pleasure but also so confusing when she couldn't quite figure out who we were. Thank you for understanding that visiting our mom broke our hearts into pieces over and over, and sometimes was more than we could handle, and so we selfishly may not have come that day. Thank you for realizing that my mom, and every resident at YourLife, maybe living this current life of member loss, but that it isn't their life story. It's just a cruel, sad, devastating way to exist but it's not who they are. Thank you for recognizing how hard it must be to not understand, and to not be understood to know and yet not know.
On behalf of my mom, and all of the residents yesterday, today and tomorrow, I give you my utmost thanks and gratitude. While just thank you is never sufficient, it's all I know to say. I hope each of you knows how much you meant to my mom and how much you mean to us.
With love and gratitude
- Son and Daughter of Resident