Hi, Suzy. I'd like to mention some staff who are exceptionally helpful to Mom. Everyone we've met is wonderful and I have a couple more aides I want to also commend when I learn their names.
Zy'kiraya is exceptional. She is attentive, patient, and respectful with every resident I've seen. Her manner is calm and helpful. I've never seen her show any frustration or impatience with any resident or situation. I know these are your standards for all employees but even with that, Zy'kiraya is a standout.
Paris helps Mom with showers. She is always kind, patient, and respectful. She is another aide that we think highly of.
Alexis, Lisa, Tawana, and Paris are also to be commended. You have so many wonderful, caring, professional folks at Your Life that I am sure I left people out.
Thank you for the care you give Mom. As you know, it's difficult to entrust anyone with Mom. As her caregiver, I have been assured and reassured by what I've seen. Thank you for all you do, Suzy. 
- Carol H, caregiver, and daughter of J Sue Holcomb