Avoid the ER: Care Alternatives During COVID-19

Right now, diligent families like yours are doing everything they can to keep their loved ones with dementia safe and healthy at home until the threat of COVID-19 passes. Unfortunately, accidents and illnesses can happen to even the most diligent among us. For generations, we took our after-hours injuries and illnesses to the emergency room if we couldn’t get in to see our regular doctors.


Reconnecting Post-COVID 19: 6 Tips for Enjoyable, Meaningful Visits

Before the pandemic, many people avoided visiting their loved ones with dementia, telling themselves, “Mom won’t even know who I am” or “Dad won’t remember I was there, so what’s the point?” In fact, a survey by the UK's Alzheimer's Society found that up to 42% of the public thought it was pointless to visit someone who no longer recognized them.