Safety First: Wearable Location Devices

Location tracking devices are peace of mind in a watch, fob – and even a shoe insert – for families whose loved ones have dementia. Most personal tracking devices will transmit your loved one’s location and other information directly to your smartphone, tablet or computer via email or an app.

“Today’s trackers provide vital information beyond the wearer’s location,” says Suzy McCann, Community Relations Director of YourLifeTM of Pensacola, a Memory Care community in Pensacola, Florida. “Whether a family is caring for a loved one who is prone to wandering or falling or just want to ‘check in’ on a parent with mild memory loss who lives or travels alone, there’s a device for that.

This post will explore a few popular trackers offering a range of features that can keep your loved one safe as their dementia progresses.

  • AngelSense is a great choice for people with early- to mid-stage memory loss who are still independent and may be driving. The device attaches to clothing, provides a daily timeline of routes traveled and driving speeds, and sends alerts advising family members of the person’s activities such as “Dad has left home” or “Dad hasn’t arrived at therapy.”

With AngelSense’s assistive speakerphone, family members can communicate directly with their loved one and offer remote support. AngelSense has a first-responder emergency alert and notifies the family if their loved one enters an “unknown” area.

  • iGPS Phoenix Watch is an intuitive wristwatch-smartphone-tracker combo. Among its many safety features: a cell phone for two-way voice and text communication with family and friends; Alexa Assist; SOS button; Find Me Navigator; Take Me Home Mapping to help your loved one navigate their own way home; medication and appointment reminders.

Watches are often good choices for seniors with early- to mid-stage memory loss for whom wearing a watch is already a habit. Because these are smartwatches with other useful features, like phone and text functions, cameras, pedometers and heartrate monitors, and come in a variety of styles, seniors who are protective of their independence may be more receptive to this type of monitoring device. Note: As memory loss progresses, too many features could make a watch overwhelming and frustrating, making the person less willing to wear them.

Similar Products: Freedom Guardian and BellPal, which also features fall detection and is available in five elegant styles.


  • GoFindMe is a real-time GPS tracker that works without cell service – and has no subscription fees. If your loved one lives in a remote area or enjoys hiking or camping, consider this or a similar device. This product features an SOS button and text feature that can communicate with other GoFindMe devices and employs long-range radio technology so your loved one can get in touch with you if their cell phone fails.

Similar Product: Project Lifesaver®


  • GPS SmartSole®. As the name suggests, these shoe inserts are fitted with GPS technology that syncs in real-time and allows you to set up a safe radius for your loved one with mid- to late-stage dementia. If your parent is one of the 3 in 5 seniors with dementia who wander, or if they dislike or remove traditional wearable devices, GPS SmartSole® may be a smart choice.


  • iTraq allows you to find anyone and anything. For seniors, the device includes a fall sensor and will alert family members if a fall is detected. The device also has a motion sensor that shows when the person is on the move, an SOS button, a Guard Zone that notifies caregivers when the person leaves a designated area, and a temperature sensor that sends an alert when the person wanders into extreme heat or freezing temperatures. It even has a Device Locator Function that tracks itself if it gets lost.

Multiple devices can be tracked through a single app, making iTraq a good option for families who want to keep tabs on more than one person with dementia. The iTraq Nano has global tracking, a long battery life, and can be clipped clothing or a purse

Similar Product: PocketFinder


NOTE: GPS trackers often require a monthly data plan, the cost of which can vary greatly depending on device, features, and service options.


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