Managing YourLife™ With State-of-The-Art Care and Wellness

“Once I’m retired, I’m going to…” “As soon as I turn 65, I plan on…” “When we sell our house and move into a senior living community, we will…” Do any of these phrases sound familiar to you? For many people, getting older can be something to look forward to. If you’ve been working most of your adult life, or if you’ve spent many years taking care of children, the thought of being free to spend time as you wish is very attractive. However, as you plan all the trips you’re going to take, the hobbies you’re going to pick up and the number of books you’re going to read, don’t forget to include “staying healthy” as part of your future plans. “When they’re planning for retirement or their senior years, many people think a lot about what they want to do, but not always how they’re going to accomplish it, especially when it comes to staying healthy as they age,” says Robin Crum, Executive Director of YourLife™ of Pensacola, a memory care community in Pensacola, Florida. “As health needs increase, especially if a senior ends up requiring memory care assistance, it becomes more and more difficult to incorporate wellness into daily life.” Wellness isn’t just physical health, says Robin Crum, Executive Director. “Wellness is a holistic philosophy that embraces body, mind and spirit as all essential parts of us that must be nourished and strengthened in order to have a happy, fulfilling lifestyle. Research has shown that a person-centered wellness approach is key to healthy aging and has many significant benefits for seniors at any age and of any ability.”

The Importance of Wellness for Seniors

According to the National Institute of Wellness (NIW), the definition of wellness is: “ active process through which people become aware of, and make choices toward, a more successful existence.” A complete wellness approach encompasses six key dimensions: emotional, physical, intellectual, occupational, spiritual and social. While achieving total wellness for all those dimensions can be more challenging for seniors, the benefits are worth the effort.

  • Emotional: Seniors who have a positive view about their lives can live an average of 7.5 years longer than those with negative outlooks, according to a study on aging and retirement from Yale.
  • Physical: Physically active seniors have higher levels of cognitive and functional health, have lower mortality rates and are less likely to have Type 2 diabetes or heart diseases.
  • Intellectual: Learning new skills or regularly doing tasks that are challenging or require engagement improves the memory function of seniors of all cognitive levels.
  • Occupational: While the majority of seniors enjoy their retirement work-free, volunteer opportunities can provide seniors with a purpose – as well as enhance cognition, reduce the risk of hypertension and provide an overall sense of well-being.
  • Spiritual: Studies have shown that religious and spiritual involvement can prolong life by up to 7 years, thanks to lower rates of hypertension, a higher sense of well-being and less pain and difficulty arising from illnesses.
  • Social: Seniors who remain socially active have increased immunity, less depression, better cardiovascular health and a longer life than those who are isolated.

The MacArthur Foundation did a long-term study that discovered that approximately 50 percent of mental aging and 70 percent of physical aging are determined by our daily lifestyle choices. That’s why YourLife™ of Pensacola is designed to allow our residents to make daily choices that improve their wellness, freedom and enjoyment of life. From trained specialists to state-of-the-art technology and a caring approach, YourLife™ threads wellness through every aspect of our community.

The YourLife Care and Wellness Approach

The safety, health and wellness of our residents is at the heart of everything we do at YourLife™ of Pensacola. Through the implementation of advanced technology, a caring and dedicated staff of Personal Care Specialists and uplifting, inspiring programming, we take aging well to new levels of innovation, convenience and confidence.

State-Of-The-Art Wellness Center

Our wellness center offers more than exercise programs to keep our residents in peak physical shape. It also offers on-site physician appointments to make wellness a convenient choice. We also develop exercise programs that are tailored to each individual resident’s abilities and limitations. A Caring Team A highly trained, compassionate team of YourLife™ Personal Care Specialists and licensed nurses is available to our residents around the clock, every day of the week. Our staff assists with the tasks of daily living and provides support and engagement for our YourLife™ family. As an Extended Congregate Care (ECC) licensed community, we are able to provide every aspect of service to our residents, including hospice and nursing care. Engaging Programming Beyond the physical wellness of our residents, we also focus on their emotional, spiritual and personal well-being. Through our YourStory programming, we create opportunities to inspire, uplift and fill days with purpose, meaning and engagement. From pet therapy to scheduled outings to special events, every day is a new adventure. Safety and Security For an added level of support, every resident wears a Wellness Band that enables to them to alert staff at the touch of a button. Much like a smartwatch, the bands also track steps and allow staff to monitor and be aware of where residents at all times. The band can also track falls so staff is able to respond immediately, and the band can also provide residents keyless entrance into their living quarters. For more information about managing wellness as we age or how YourLife™ of Pensacola provides engaging, enriching lifestyles for our Memory Care residents, please contact our team today at 850-898-3334.

The Memory Care Your Loved One Deserves.

Offering the very best in Memory Care, YourLife™ of Pensacola was designed specifically with residents in mind. We’ve created a community where residents can define their own lifestyle, based on their preferences, needs and story, all while having the peace of mind of 24-hour support and the freedom to define their own lifestyles. Because we focus solely on Memory Care, all of our resources and attention are on catering to each resident’s needs while providing unequaled peace of mind for families. Our licensed nurses and YourLife™ Personal Care Specialists are on site 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to provide personally inspired care and support, no matter what your needs. With such dedicated care, our residents have the support they need to live as independently and engaged as possible. At YourLife™ of Pensacola, YourStory comes to life. Whether you want to enjoy our exclusive activities and YourStory programming, spend time exploring our services and amenities, relax in our easy-to-navigate Memory Care neighborhoods and living areas or try something new, the choice is entirely up to you. Contact us to learn more!

Call us at 850-898-3334 for more information or to schedule a personal visit today.