Managing the Many Emotions of Caregiving for Loved Ones with Alzheimer's or Other Dementias

Those caring for loved ones with Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia face a wide range of emotions. After all, caring for someone with memory loss can be scary, frustrating, agitating and overwhelming. Helping your loved one manage their many emotions while trying to manage your own can be downright stressful. Learning how to manage your emotions early on can help to alleviate some pressure and create better days for both you and your loved one, but when you aren’t sure where to start, it can seem daunting. According to Kelly Carroll, Director of Community Relations at YourLife™ of Palm Beach Gardens, offering Independent Living with Supportive Services, Assisted Living and Memory Care in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, it comes down to support and education. “Those caring for a loved one with memory loss may be unsure of what to expect in their journey and may not have the resources they need to reduce and manage caregiver stress, burnout and fear,” she says. “Support groups are crucial for caregivers to not only learn how to care for their loved one, but to learn how to care for themselves through the process. Caregivers generally put their own care and lives last, while placing their loved one at the forefront of their minds. They rarely realize that in caring for themselves and managing their emotions they are helping to care for their loved one and providing even better care than they would have without caring for themselves. With adequate support and resources, we can help to make this easier and less of a widespread problem.”

Effective Ways to Manage Caregiver Emotions

Caregivers may often feel frustration, guilt, anger, exhaustion, stress, depression and a wide array of other emotions. These are generally normal and can be easy to manage. Consider some of the following ways to manage your emotions:

  • Try to schedule time for you. As hard as it may seem, making time to do things you enjoy can help drastically. Spend time reading a book, meet with family and friends, go shopping or just spend time alone. It can make a world of difference.
  • Get a good night’s rest. Sleep is crucial to help restore the body and mind. Try to get a good 8 hours of sleep to be ready to face the day ahead!
  • Make time for exercise. Whether you exercise on your own or find exercises to do with your loved one, getting active can release endorphins that improve mood, increase happiness and enhance health. Have a dance party with your loved one, go on a walk or try yoga!
  • Ask for help. There’s no shame in asking for some help from time to time, and when people offer, accept it! Ask someone to pick up prescriptions, go grocery shopping or sit with your loved one while you spend some time alone. This can help reduce feelings of overwhelm, agitation and overall burnout.
  • Consider respite care. If you need some time away, are taking a vacation or simply want your loved one to experience some more stress-free time while you rejuvenate, consider respite care at a leading Memory Care community such as YourLife™ of Palm Beach Gardens. With a dedicated team, professional care and engaging programming, you’ll know your loved one is taken care of, safe and having fun, reducing anxiety and allowing you peace of mind.

If you experience extreme anxiety or depression that continues to worsen, be sure to talk to your doctor or a healthcare professional. They may be able to prescribe medication, direct you to helpful resources or even suggest therapy or support groups. To learn more or to discover additional ways to manage emotions, contact the team at YourLife™ of Palm Beach Gardens. We would be happy to help you! Come join us for a support group, learn more about our respite care program or what your care options are for your loved one. Simply give us a call to RSVP or schedule your visit today!

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