The Lifesaving Benefits of Socialization for Seniors in Memory Care

When we think back to many of our happiest times, we often recall we were surrounded by those we love or were doing something we love. Whether friends, family or even acquaintances, these moments were likely full of good connections, deep chats and even laughter. It’s no secret that socializing can greatly enhance an experience, but it is often overlooked as being crucial to health and well-being. “When we socialize with others, our happiness and health tends to increase drastically,” says Cristal Baer, Community Relations Director at YourLife™ of Tallahassee, a Memory Care community in Tallahassee, Florida. “This is one of the things that can drastically change the experience of someone with memory loss. Those who live at home have a tendency to feel more isolated. While they may have caregivers who are with them, visitors occasionally and some activities to do, it often doesn’t come close to the experience that they can enjoy in a Memory Care community. Not only are programs and activities tailored to their needs, helping them to engage with others with common interests, preferences and life experiences, but it helps them see they are not alone in their struggles. This can help residents to form bonds, create friendships and embrace each day of their lives.”

Benefits of Socialization in Memory Care

Socialization can benefit the lives of those with memory loss in a number of ways, including some that are lifesaving. Consider some of the following benefits of socialization from The National Institute of Aging:

  • Chances of diminished health decrease. According to the article, the more social you are, the more likely that lower levels of interleukin-6 are present. This means that those who socialize are less likely to be affected by some forms of cancer, cardiovascular disease, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis and other age-related disorders.
  • Improved health and increased activity. Those who don’t socialize can become socially isolated, increasing their morbidity and mortality. By being social and involved in activities on a regularly basis, this can decrease.
  • Decrease in loneliness. When those with memory loss become lonely, they may see an emotional and physical impact, according to the article. This is most often seen in elevated blood pressure levels.
  • Lessened risk of depression. Those with memory loss can be prone to depression because of the loss of their abilities, anger and frustration. This article states that loneliness and depression have an adverse effect of well-being and by socializing, this can be diminished.

The article states that more research is being conducted to determine links to the importance of social interactions and falls, disability, memory and more. For more information or questions, contact a member of YourLife™ of Tallahassee. We would be happy to share our expert knowledge and help you enhance your loved one’s life. Give us a call today at 850-250-5671.

Inspired ● Engaged ● Fulfilled

If someone you love is living with memory loss, you want the very best for them. You’ll find it at YourLife™ of Tallahassee. Because Memory Care is all that we do, we have the unique ability to focus all our energy, attention and resources into creating an environment that caters to each resident’s needs, preferences and abilities while providing unequaled peace of mind and support for families. We see each resident as an individual because we understand that each resident has their own story. Using this idea, we develop personally inspired care plans that value and support each person’s independence while creating beautiful days. No matter how much care they need, our team of attentive, caring YourLife™ Personal Care Specialists can provide assistance with all activities of daily living while providing reminders, guidance, support and cues. Even better, residents and their families experience true peace of mind knowing that expert care is on site 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our personal touch doesn’t stop at our care. In fact, it’s only just the beginning. We create days that leave residents feeling Inspired. Engaged. Fulfilled through our signature programming, YourStory. With individual experiences centered around each resident, engaging outings, services and amenities, activities, dining and more, we create opportunities to learn and pursue new endeavors. At YourLife™ of Tallahassee, everything was designed for you, but it is defined by you, creating a lifestyle that makes every day a joy. Contact us to learn more! Call us at ​850-250-5671 for more information or to schedule a personal visit today.