How Do I Know If It's Time for Memory Care?

If you are serving as a caregiver to a loved one with memory loss, you may be wondering if your loved one needs more care than you feel you are able to provide. But when is it the right time to make the move to Memory Care? How will I know? While there’s no set answer for when the best time is, there is a general set of guidelines that can help you decide. This, however, all depends on you and your loved one. Suzy McCann, Community Relations Director of YourLife™ of Pensacola, a Memory Care community in Pensacola, FL, states that when a loved one may need care is different for everyone. “Memory loss can be tricky in the way that different forms of dementia affect different people in a number of ways,” she states. “What one person experiences, another person may not. What another person struggles with, another might not. Certain stages can also last longer than others and cause people to act in different ways. This is one of the reasons it’s important to do your research to know what may be in store for your loved one and their particular form of memory loss. Peruse reading materials, talk to others and consider joining a support group to get the best idea of what you’ll be facing. If at any time it feels like it might be too much, or your loved one needs more assistance than you can provide, it might be a good time to move them to a Memory Care community such as YourLife™ of Pensacola.”

How Will I Know When My Loved One with Memory Loss Needs Memory Care?

According to AgingCare, it may be best to move your loved one as soon as possible because there are very few drawbacks; however, if you wait too long, there may be more risks. If you’re beginning to wonder if your loved one would benefit from a community, consider some of the following reasons you may need to begin planning.

  • They need more medication management. According to the article, medications in Memory Care communities are carefully regulated and administered on a strict schedule. If you are the sole caregiver for your loved one with memory loss, medication management may not be as simple. In fact, the team at the community may be able to pick up on certain side effects and reactions before you may be able to and can make changes as necessary.
  • Mobility issues are increasing. If your loved one is having a harder time getting around, it can lead to some potentially dangerous fall hazards and hardships. This can also make activities of daily living like bathing, toileting and dressing more difficult. At Memory Care communities, we can make it simple in an area that is designed for their needs.
  • They are beginning to wander. When loved ones with Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of memory loss start to wander, it can become dangerous and life-threatening. While wandering happens in communities, they are designed for it, provide a safer area to do so and have many people watching after them.
  • You are becoming overstressed and burnt out. Caregiving can easily take a toll on a caregiver. It’s important to know your limits, when you should ask for help and when you need to take a break. Often, Memory Care is the perfect solution, allowing caregivers to be a little more hands-off and instead, enjoy their loved one’s company.

To learn more about memory loss and when it may be wise to move your loved one to a Memory Care community, contact the team at YourLife™ of Pensacola. We would be happy to help you evaluate your options and see if we may be the perfect fit for you. Contact us today!

The Memory Care Your Loved One Deserves.

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