Helping Join the Fight Against Alzheimer's on The Longest Day®

June 21 is more than just the summer solstice and the very first day of summer. It’s a day to fight back against Alzheimer’s disease. The Alzheimer’s Association® recognizes The Longest Day® as the day to show your love for those affected by Alzheimer’s by joining together or honoring those affected by the disease. Unfortunately, according to the Alzheimer’s Association®, over 5.7 million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s. As the 6th leading cause of death in The United States, it’s time to take a stand and make a difference. According to Winsome McLeod, Executive Director at YourLife™ of Stuart, a Memory Care community in Stuart, Florida, coming together to raise money for a good cause is both uplifting and extremely fulfilling. “At YourLife™ of Stuart, we see how residents are affected everyday by Alzheimer’s disease. We do our best to make each day exciting and engaging for them, but on The Longest Day, we go a step further,” says Winsome. “Raising money, planning an event and honoring our residents by doing something they love makes them feel as though we really see them and understand how they feel. Not only that, but it truly makes their faces light up and brightens their day.”

How to Join in on The Longest Day

If you are interested in participating in the Alzheimer’s Association’s The Longest Day, it’s good to know it’s easy to get started.

  • Host your own event. While you may think it will be overwhelming to host an event, The Alzheimer’s Association® website makes it fairly simple to do so by breaking it down into easy steps.
  • Select an activity that you or a loved one with Alzheimer’s love. Whether you choose their favorite hobby or honor them by hosting a meal consisting of their favorite things, you can’t go wrong.
  • Start or join a team, host an event or go it alone! No matter if you get a group of coworkers together, involve only your family and friends or join a team yourself, you are making a difference.
  • Raise money. Depending on what activity or event you plan, if you ask friends and family for money, ask for donations in exchange for a meal or charge an entry fee to an event, you can easily raise money to fight Alzheimer’s.
  • Plan. Do you need help from others? Ask your friends and family. Get invitations and supplies together, plan for extras like a photographer and, most of all, get the word out!
  • Celebrate. When June 21 comes around, be prepared to celebrate and share your success. Most of all, have fun!
  • Join in on someone else’s festivities. If creating your own team isn’t your thing, maybe joining another team would be easier. It’s easy. Either look for a local team by searching for someone’s name or search for a team to join using their search tools.
  • Donate. It’s not necessary to start or attend an event to make a big difference. Even donations can help. Donate to an event participant, a team or event using the Alzheimer’s Association’s donate search tool.

No matter how you get involved, whether you create your own teams, attend a planned event or simply donate, there are multiple ways to get involved and feel good about doing so.

Ways You Can Join the Fight Against Alzheimer’s Disease

If you’d like to get in on the action and join the fight, it’s possible to register using an event you love. Consider some of the following activities that the Alzheimer's Association® shares on their website:

  • Exercise. Get others together to have an exercise class. This can include safe outdoor exercises for seniors, such as swimming or tai chi or even a high-intensity workout for you and your friends. Does a loved one with Alzheimer’s prefer a specific form of exercise? Do that in their honor.
  • Sports. Did your grandfather love golfing? Did your grandmother enjoy dancing? Host a golf tournament or a local dance recital where the proceeds will go directly towards the Alzheimer’s Association®.
  • Games. Whether it’s bingo, bridge, board games or more, a game night fundraiser can be the perfect option to help you raise money for The Longest Day, all while being family-friendly and fun! Set up different game stations, host a bingo fundraiser or find a local game night near you and get playing.
  • Parties. Many local senior living communities host small parties or events that those with Alzheimer’s disease and their families can attend. See if you can find a local cookout or host your own.
  • Hobbies. Choose you or a loved one’s favorite hobby and plan an event around that. If your grandmother loved baking or cooking, hold a bake sale or dinner. Does your loved one like to read? Host a book club. Do they love to garden? Plant some flowers or sell some seeds.
  • Arts. Whether you or your loved one with Alzheimer’s disease loves arts and crafts, dancing and singing, music or theater, it’s easy to come up with either a themed party or event to honor them. Have an outdoor movie night, hold a dance party on the patio or host a couples’ painting class. The options are endless.

We hope that one of these activities has inspired you or sparked your interest. If you’re interested in donating to a team or joining an event, YourLife™ of Stuart would be happy to receive your donation and get us one step closer to our goal. To donate or join our team, simply visit this link.

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