ECC Licensure & End-of-Life Comfort

When mom or dad are living in a dementia care community or in a memory care neighborhood of an assisted living community, you may worry that if their health needs change they will have to move to a higher level of carebut that doesn’t have to be the case. 

“Communities with an ECC license, or Extended Congregate Care, can continue to support your loved one while they remain as independent as possible and receive care in their chosen community until end of life,” Teleia Farrell, Community Outreach Director of YourLife™ of West Melbourne. “It can provide a lot of comfort to resident’s spouses and their families that it will only be a single move for whatever the level of care their loved one may come to need.” 

In this blog, we’ll go over how ECC licensure can help your loved one continue to live life the way they choose in the right community. We’ll also review end-of-life comfort and how that can best suit your loved one’s wishes and needs. 

What Does an ECC License Mean for Your Loved One? 

Typical assisted living offers assistance for daily activities like dressing, grooming, cooking, and more. However, Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of memory loss cause an ongoing decline in the ability to provide self-care without redirection or support. 

As your loved one’s needs change, they will likely require a higher level of care. At this point, many families believe their only option is a skilled nursing facility, but communities with an ECC license can provide your loved one with more advanced services than assisted living to attend to their needs and they can continue to enjoy a non-medical environment.

This can be a great source of relief for families, who believe a single move to a purpose-built memory care community is the best choice for their loved one.

The Importance of End-of-Life Comfort 

While thinking about end-of-life comfort is an emotional and difficult subject to deal with, it’s important to talk to your loved one as early as you can to understand their wishes. Some may want trial treatments while others would prefer not to. Your loved one may have strong opinions about moving to a “nursing home” that may guide your search for support toward memory care assisted living. Having open and honest conversations allows you to know what your loved one wants, and how you can best meet their needs while honoring what they desire most. 

End-of-life comfort also extends to the care provided in an ECC licensed community to provide for advancing physical needs as well as emotional support for the whole family. Your loved one can receive care that helps them manage physical pain, enhances spiritual wellness and alternative, holistic therapy options for comfort. An ECC license could mean your loved one is able to continue to get this kind of care in their private or friendship suite in a familiar neighborhood with 24-hour staff. As you look for the support solution that best fits your family, ask if the community you are touring offers ECC licensure and how end-of-life care is offered to residents.

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