Daily Care Plan: The Benefits of Planning Your Loved One’s Day

When you are caring for a loved one with memory loss, it can be beneficial to have a daily care plan and routine. Not only does this help to provide guidance and a schedule that can help comfort your loved one, but it can also help you, as you know what to expect and can instead focus more on the things that matter. “Seniors with memory loss often thrive on routines,” says Dawn Joaquin, Community Relations Director at YourLife™ of Coconut Creek, a Memory Care community in Coconut Creek, Florida. “While they may not always know exactly what the next step is, they are often likely to feel comforted because their caregiver is less stressed or confused about what the day is going to hold. Those with dementia are very keen on picking up their caregiver’s emotions and moods, so the better you control it, the better your loved one is likely to feel. Of course, this doesn’t mean daily care plans are failproof, or that routines may need to change from time to time, but as a general rule, these routines can be a valuable tool in caregiving.”

Planning Your Loved One’s Day

According to the Alzheimer’s Association®, there are a few things to consider before creating your daily care plan. It’s important to take time for yourself and schedule that in, if that’s not possible, try to include your loved one in the things you enjoy. You should also consider their likes, dislikes, strengths, abilities and interests, and think about how they used to structure their day. This can help make your plan easier and ensure you and your loved one experience some of the benefits.

  • You can plan around their best times of day. Planning their days allows you to maximize the likelihood they have a good day. Choose a decent wake up time and sleep time, while considering when they shine their brightest. If they do the best in the morning, plan the most taxing activities for the morning. It can also help to fit in some exercise and outings if possible. Then, when it gets to the time of day when they tend to get agitated, you can plan to do more relaxing activities at home. This is much more likely to improve their mood and lessen negative behaviors that memory loss may cause.
  • Routines can help them remember and ease behaviors. Although your loved one may have memory loss, these daily routines you set can help them to feel at ease and as if they know what the next logical step is. If not, you can gently cue them on what’s next. For example. They may spend time in the sunshine before lunch and come in when the sun and heat is the highest. This may mean it’s time for lunch and it’s a good time to set the table to enjoy your meal. Afterward, it’s time to clean up and relax. While this may seem trivial to us, it’s very important for a loved one with memory loss because it lessens the amount of confusion they face, and also helps them to feel like they have more control, improving their mood and lessening negative behaviors.
  • It allows you control to schedule visits when free. Creating a schedule can help you to know when a good time for family and friends to visit is. If your loved one deals with sundowning or has a strict bedtime routine, it’s best to schedule visits for the morning. If they tend to be groggy in the morning, perhaps scheduling visits in the late afternoon would be best.

Remember to be flexible with your daily care plan as things may change, like doctor’s visits. Keep an open mind and try to keep your routine as regular as possible. We would be happy to provide you with expert advice, support and assistance. Call us today at 954-228-6252.

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