The Joy of Giving: Last-Minute Gift Ideas for People with Dementia

’Tis the season to be safe. If you postponed your family’s in-person holiday celebrations this year, your relatives probably postponed shopping for your loved one’s gift, too. When it’s safe to gather again – and if your family opts to vaccinate, that could be fairly soon – your extended family members and friends may be reaching out to you for appropriate gift ideas.


Dementia & The Holidays: Keep It Simple

For well-intentioned families who are determined to keep family traditions going year after year for their loved ones with memory loss, ’tis the season to be jo…uuust about ready for spring. Especially this year.

While 2020 might give you and your loved one a mandatory reprieve from the stresses of traveling, entertaining too many visitors, and the other typical challenges the holidays present families affected by memory loss, this year also brings its own set of challenges.


Sense-Sational Approaches to Memory Care

If your loved one is often anxious or agitated, sensory therapies are simple ways to provide comfort and connection without relying on medication. Everyday objects that once held meaning can stimulate the five senses – touch, taste, smell, hearing, and sight – to spark fond memories or evoke happy feelings associated with highlights in your loved one’s life.


Time for Takeoff: 7 Travel Tips for Caregivers

Where are we going? Are we there yet? And where are we going? Traveling with someone with memory loss is often necessary, sometimes voluntary, periodically stressful, but almost always worth it to have the whole family together during the holidays. However, before you hit the road or runway, some special prepping for safe and pleasant travels is in order.