Letter of Competency – What it is and why you need to know

Your parent may need to make major decisions regarding finances, medical care, and power of attorney as they age. This is so they can officially state what they want and how they want their affairs to be taken care of as they age. However, the legality of these documents can be called into question and challenged if one party believes they didn’t have the capacity to make these decisions. Having a letter of competency to accompany other important documents can help.  

Honoring Autonomy: Clarifying Helping vs. Enabling

As a caregiver, you’re there for your loved one to help them maintain their health and independence while also providing them with emotional support. You likely help your loved one in so many different ways, but you may have not asked yourself if everything you’re doing is in your loved one’s best interests? You never want to cause your loved one undue stress, but you also don’t want to enable behaviors that are detrimental to their wellbeing.


Essential Senior Safe Driving Considerations

As our parents age, it’s common to have some concerns about their driving. Is there anything in the vehicle distracting them? Do they have a plan in case a certain route is closed? Are they aware of side effects from a medicine that could potentially affect their ability to operate a vehicle? These are all important questions for you to go over with your loved one and to find solutions that keep everyone safe. 


Dining Safely with Dementia-Related Swallowing Challenges

Dementia presents challenges in all aspects of life, one of them being the action of swallowing. This can affect someone’s ability to eat and drink, and can cause possible choking hazards. There are certain tips and education about dementia-related eating challenges that can help overcome these issues. When you have the right plan in place, your loved one can continue to eat safely.


Helping Your Loved One Handle Leaving Home

When the time comes for your loved one to leave their home, you’ll all be feeling a wide range of emotions. While you and the rest of your family may feel some relief that your loved one will be in a community where they will have access to care and will be in a safe place, your loved one may feel hesitant at the thought of moving away from home.