5 Ways to Show Care and Compassion for the Dementia Caregiver

The sun rises, it’s been a long night of waking up with their loved one and they are tired. There’s no time to rest, however, it’s time to start the day’s routine. They get up, get themselves ready quickly and just in time to help their loved one dress, take the morning medication and fix a nutritious breakfast. Then it’s time for a quick walk outdoors, a purposeful activity, lunch along with afternoon medications, some relaxation while keeping busy to prevent a long nap, dinner and so much more. As night rolls around, they begin their calming routine and take medications, get ready for bed and prepare for tomorrow. Some things might get done, like a quick trip to the grocery store, or maybe a family member will visit. Some things might have to wait until tomorrow, like the laundry. This is the life of a caregiver. Hectic, busy and oh so fulfilling. It’s National Caregiver Appreciation Month and it’s the perfect time to show your love and support for those who care for those with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. According to Danielle Buck, Director of Community Relations at YourLife™ of Stuart, a Memory Care community in Stuart, Florida, caregivers spend much of their time serving their loved one with dementia and may not always have the time they need for themselves. “Often, their loved one’s care comes long before their own or their family’s needs,” she says. “This usually causes burnout and excessive caregiver stress, which can hurt the health of the caregiver significantly. It’s common for this to happen because not many people know what goes on in a caregiver’s day, especially when they don’t have the support or help that they may need. During National Caregiver Appreciation Month and every day, we strive to provide the education and support that caregivers need to give the best care to their loved ones while taking care of themselves. Their health, and their loved one’s care, depends on it!”

Ways You Can Help a Caregiver During Caregiver Appreciation Month

There are a number of ways you can help the caregiver in your life and show your appreciation. Consider some of the ways we share with our families that tend to make a big difference and boost their happiness.

  1. Spend some time with your loved one. Spending some time with your loved one with dementia can help them to take some much needed and deserved time to themselves, or even to get ahead on their to-do list! Spend an hour or two with them so they can take a nap, work on laundry or simply sit down and relax.
  2. Offer to take a task off their list. The task can be as simple as picking up your loved one’s prescriptions, getting the groceries, making sure the laundry is done or even helping to clean the house. This can make their list of things to do seem a little less daunting and much more manageable.
  3. Give them a gift. Many people like to treat them to a gift basket consisting of things that could make their days more bearable and comfortable. Put a basket together of their favorite snacks, a comfy pair of slippers, a calming tea, an inspirational mug or even a gift card so they can purchase what they need. Even the smallest of gifts, like a surprise coffee in the morning can be the pick-me-up they need!
  4. Schedule a respite stay. If your loved one’s dementia is making them even more worn out, or you think they could both use a break, consider scheduling a respite stay. Then you and the caregiver will have the peace of mind knowing they are taken care of, while getting a break.
  5. Simply say “thank you.” Don’t underestimate the power of saying “thank you.” Many times, caregivers don’t receive a lot of thanks and can feel unappreciated. Make it a habit to thank them often for everything they do.

For more tips, simply call us at 772-207-4191. We’d be happy to share more tips to show caregivers you appreciate them and invite you to join us for one of our upcoming events! Designed for You. Defined by You. YourLife™of Stuart was created with one purpose – to provide the most exceptional Memory Care and uplifting lifestyle for our residents. As Memory Care specialists, we focus all our energy, attention and resources to creating a community that caters to each resident’s personal needs, respects their choices and honors individuality, while providing unequaled peace of mind and support for families. Because Memory Care is our sole focus, we have the unique ability to design and personally tailor plans around our residents. We see each resident as an individual, understanding that everyone has their own story, specific needs and retained abilities. With that information, we develop personally inspired care plans that value and support each person’s independence. Our team of attentive, caring YourLife™ Personal Care Specialists are on site 24 hours a day, seven days a week to provide assistance with everyday activities, gentle reminders and redirection. Through our signature programming, YourStory, we create an individual experience centered around each resident. From cultural, educational and health and wellness programming, scheduled outings and other special events to personal care, assistance and multiple therapies, we create days with meaning. At YourLife™ of Stuart, our residents and families know that this is a community designed for you, with a lifestyle defined by you. Contact us to learn more! Call us at 772-207-4191 for more information or to schedule a personal visit today.