5 Practical Gift Ideas for a Dementia Caregiver Part 1: Gifts for the Caregiver

With the holidays just around the corner, people either finishing up their holiday shopping or just getting started. Whether you have waited until the last minute or planned ahead this year, there’s usually at least one or two people we are left with on our list that we have no idea what to buy. Is this person someone who already has everything or are they someone you don’t know well? Is it someone who really deserves something special, someone who truly needs something practical, something they can actually use? In the case of caregivers, it’s usually the latter. According to Robin Crum, Executive Director of YourLife™ of Pensacola, a Memory Care community in Pensacola, FL, many people are unsure what the caregivers in their lives would like to receive. “When shopping for a caregiver to someone with dementia, practicality really is key,” says Robin. “If they don’t have a lot of free time to themselves, you wouldn’t want to buy them something that would require them to be away from their loved one with dementia, such as a gym membership or a cooking class, unless someone else can stay with their loved one. It’s important to consider what could make them happy as well as benefit them as an individual. Consider their passions that they may have put by the wayside, think about what they value most – this can often provide key clues into what the best gift will be.”

Gifts Dementia Caregivers Will Find Useful 

  1. A spa day. If you are able to stay with the senior with dementia, a spa day could be the gift away they need. Caregivers are prone to burnout and excess stress, so the rejuvenation and relaxation a spa day gives could be just the thing they need to feel refreshed. If you can’t give them a spa day, make it a spa day at home with a gift basket instead. Fill it with bath bombs, a fluffy new towel, lotion and candles.
  2. Gift cards. Is there a specific place the caregiver likes to shop? Do they love to read or spend time baking or cooking? A gift card can be the perfect excuse to spend some money on something they want, instead of something they need to get. Even better, if they are unable to physically go shopping, they can order their items online and have them shipped!
  3. Assistance with tasks. If your loved one’s caregiver often shoulders all the tasks on their own, volunteer to help with some. See if you can go shopping for them, pick up prescriptions or take their loved one to an appointment or two. This could give their caregiver the opportunity to get other things done that they would normally be unable to.
  4. Lunch or dinner. Cooking meals and cleaning up can be tiresome for many caregivers. It can be a great gift to have a meal service delivered or to simply bring takeout. Ask what their loved one with dementia can eat and bring the meal to them.
  5. A day off. Many times, caregivers just want a break. Whether for a few hours, a day or even a little longer, they need this time to catch up on their own household duties and chores or to recharge. Set up a time for someone to stay with your loved one or schedule a respite stay with a leading Memory Care community such as YourLife™ of Pensacola. Knowing their loved one is in good hands and well taken care of while they take some time off can be one of the most practical gifts there is.

To schedule a respite stay or learn more about practical holiday gift ideas for caregivers, contact our team today. For more gift ideas that your loved one with dementia can use while making their caregiver’s days easier, stay tuned for Part 2.

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