4 Ways to Ease the Transition to a Memory Care Community

When it comes time for your loved one to live the life they deserve at a Memory Care community, you may wonder how to best transition them so the change is less of a shock. Fortunately, there are many ways to ease into it, allowing for a smooth transition and a better experience for all. According to Winsome McLeod, Executive Director at YourLife™ of Stuart, a Memory Care community in Stuart, Florida, making the transition to Memory Care smoother begins with preparation. “Prior to the move, ensure you talk to the team at the community as much as possible. Figure out room dimensions, what your loved one will need, inform them of your loved one’s preferences and lay out some programming and activities that they might enjoy,” says Winsome. “Giving the team a closer look into your loved one’s past, preferences, and likes and dislikes can help to not only make the transition smoother, but it can also help to make your loved one feel more comfortable and at home despite being somewhere new.”

How to Ease the Transition to Memory Care

Although transitioning to a memory care community is a fairly large change, there are a number of ways to ease it. Consider some of the following from the Mayo Clinic.

  • Plan ahead. Knowing your loved one’s wishes for Memory Care ahead of time can help to ease the process, however, if you haven’t done this, keep a close eye on how your loved one reacts. Are they interested in a move? Are they stressed or anxious about it? It’s important to notice this and make decisions based on that. If they are interested, take them along a few times. Make sure it’s at their best time of the day, though. If they are unsure, take some time and move a little slower. If they are reluctant to change, try to get a gauge on why and allow them to open up and tell you how they feel. If they really hate the idea of a move, don’t talk about it too much as it can cause them to act out and become agitated and aggressive.
  • Add familiar touches. Make their new Memory Care suite look like home as much as possible in order to make your loved one feel more comfortable. Talk to the team and see what they need and plan to bring as much from home as you can. Comforters, curtains, small furniture and favorite wall art can help to transform a space and make it feel more like home. It can also help to frame photographs of loved ones so they are able to see them every day. Let the team know who they are so they are able to reminisce with your loved one.
  • Make the day of the move as simple as possible. If your loved one follows a routine, follow it as much as you can. Waking your loved one up early for a car ride when their best time is in the afternoon is not a good idea. Plan around your loved one’s best times and be positive. Leave feelings of guilt, sadness and anxiety behind and help your loved one to embrace this change. According to the Mayo Clinic, it can also help to ask the Memory Care staff to engage in an activity with your loved one as you leave. Ensure it’s something they enjoy and will help to distract them and keep them as happy as possible.
  • Communicate. While it’s not the easiest thing to do, your loved one’s move to a Memory Care community may be the best possible option for them. If you are having trouble with this decision, or your loved one is having a hard time transitioning, talk to someone. There are plenty of support groups available where you can meet others like you facing the same journey. Keep in mind that it may take some time for your loved one to get used to their new home, so visit, offer extra care and attention, and check in with the team often to see how your loved one is doing.

Many Memory Care communities, such as YourLife™ of Stuart, try to make the transition to Memory Care easier for families and their loved ones. From enriching programming that is designed solely for your loved one to personal attention and support for families, we are here for you. For more information or to schedule a tour, contact our team today at 772-207-4191.

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